Cloud based IDE in browser that supports many languages. Productivity tools, IDEs and deploy tools.

  • — IDE in a browser. Incorporates an Ubuntu virtual machine and in-browser terminal access. Integrates with GitHub and BitBucket, but also adds SFTP and generic Git access
  • — Cloud-based development environment. You have a Ubuntu OS machine
  • — Full IDE in the browser and mobile apps. Access FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub and BitBucket. Hosted virtual machines with terminal access. Collaboration features like share links, live editing, permissions and version tracking
  • — IDE and automated developer workspaces in a browser, collaborative, Git/SVN integration, build and run your app in customizable Docker-based runners (free tier includes: 4 GB RAM, always-on machines, ability to run multiple machines simultaneously), pre-integrated deploy to Google Apps
  • — Fully-featured IDE with thousands of extensions, cross-platform app development (Microsoft extensions available for download for iOS and Android), desktop, web and cloud development, multi-language support (C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, PHP and more)
  • — Collaborative mathematics-oriented IDE in a browser, with support for Python, LaTeX, IPython Notebooks, etc
  • — Quantified self metrics about your coding activity, using text editor plugins, limited plan for free
  • — Collaborative design API with instant API mock and generated documentation (Free for unlimited API blueprints and unlimited user with one admin account and hosted documentation)
  • — Mockable is a simple configurable service to mock out RESTful API or SOAP web-services. This online service allows you to quickly define REST API or SOAP endpoints and have them return JSON or XML data
  • — Productivity tools, IDEs and deploy tools. Free license for students, teachers, Open Source and user groups
  • — Cloud based IDE in browser that supports HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/Bootstrap
  • — IDE in browser Database tool. Support Amazon RDS, Apache Hive, Apache Tajo, CUBRID, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases
  • — CodePen is a playground for the front end side of the web

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